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AnalystQ is a futuristic trading platform that is incredibly convenient, responsive, and designed in a way to attract traders and investors of different strata of expertise and experience. Individuals from all over the world register with the platform to conduct accurate trading and investment in different markets of commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies. With a huge client base that spans across 170 countries like the Commonwealth of Dominica and more, AnalystQ is one of today’s best trading platforms. Read on to know more about the platform’s different features and its plethora of resources in the AnalystQ review. The review focuses on all the aspects of the platform in a nutshell. Study the AnalystQ review then register today with your email address to conduct trading and investment in various markets.

The different types of accounts that can be opened with AnalystQ

The platform is for traders and investors of all levels. One need not be an advanced specialist to be a part of Analyst Q. In fact, it is one of the best trading platforms for beginners. With access to a colossal library of academic content complete with a wide range of tools, AnalystQ is almost ideal for individuals who are seeking to learn the basics of trading and investment. Conduct trading in over 1600 assets in various markets after making the minimum deposit equivalent of $500 or so. Make the minimum deposit to open one of the three accounts as given below:

Primary Account

AnalystQ Reviews - Primary Account

The Primary Account consists of three tiers, that are Standard Account, Education Account, and Specialty Account. The features of the three accounts are listed below:

  1. The Standard Account offers multiple tradable assets along with periodic updates and smart trading tips. 
  2. The Education Account offers the same features as the Standard Account and adds a few more. Beginners can sign up to the Education Account to get access to the MetaTrader5 Platform. This Account is especially known for its extensive library of trade-related study material, academic content, and webinars.
  3. The Specialty Account is especially beneficial for an active trader or broker. A broker can sign up for the Specialty Account to secure 24×7 live support while trading in multiple tradable assets. Attend the webinars and get access to the online MetaTrader5 platform as well.

Professional Account

Open a Professional Account that offers a host of intuitive AnalystQ trading tools, trading opportunities, personalized training, and more. A trader or broker can open two types of Professional Account, and these are MarginQ Account and Platinum Account.

  1. The MarginQ Account offers dedicated and customized service to the professional trader, broker, and investor. This Account provides access to the MetaTrader5 platform and offers 24×7 phone support from the executive trading team. Browse through the extensive library of academic content and attend personalized sessions to learn about trading strategies. Make the best of the Trading Signals and the 24×7 direct line to the trading room to conduct profitable trading. With a leverage of up to 300:1, the MarginQ Account is pretty beneficial for all.
  2. The Platinum Account offers a bunch of perks to the traders. Apart from grabbing the MarginQ Account offers, the trader or broker can get access to a load of additional perks, like exclusive invitations to prestigious VIP events (all rights reserved) and more profitable spreads.

AnalystQ Reviews - Professional Account Types

AutomatiQ Account

Venture into the market with automated trading strategies by opening an AutomatiQ Account with AnalystQ.

What are the trading options available at AnalystQ?

AnalystQ offers trading at a variety of markets. Individuals can register with the AnalystQ trading platform with their email address to conduct trading and investment in the markets of energy resources, cryptocurrencies, currencies, precious metals, and soft assets, as enlisted below:

  1. The platform of Analyst Q offers a set of advanced trading tools driven by AI algorithms that enable accurate trading and investment in cryptocurrency money.
  2. Attend the webinars on forex trading, and then venture into the forex market, with the help of the team of forex traders at AnalystQ. Employ the accurate and real-time analysis of currency options and the forex market for the most effective forex trading.
  3. Deploy the tools of high-risk management and browse through the academic content before setting forth to explore the market of energy commodities. The energy assets include renewable energy resources like solar, geothermal, wind, and biomass energies and non-renewable energy sources like coal, gas, and oil.
  4. Trading in metals like gold, platinum, silver, and palladium is always a profitable move as these metals always keep rising in price irrespective of economic crises and money crunch.
  5. Conduct trading and investment in the market of soft commodities that includes coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton, and soybean. These commodities always have a huge demand in the market.

Analyst Q Reviews - Trading Options

What are services offered by AnalystQ?

AnalystQ makes trading seem like a piece of cake with the help of its array of services that include personal relationship manager, dedicated sales trader, in-house analyst, and personalized trading courses. The expert managers, coaches, and traders at AnalystQ strive hard to make professionals out of amateurs, by teaching a wide variety of trading strategies and offering unwavering assistance to the registered broker or trader. 

  1. The Personal Relationship Manager offers one-to-one help to the traders. Learn to assess the market trends, and emulate their strategies to make good profits.
  2. Analyst Q has a team of dedicated sales traders who assist the traders with cryptocurrency funding, tackling the market volatility, and conducting sales trading with ease and most efficiently.
  3. Seek the assistance of in-house analysts to gain specialized insight into the market, predict the market trends, analyse the market pattern, and avoid the tempting but dangerous trading traps, to conduct trading and investment most profitably.
  4. Opt for the excellent and curated personal trading courses to learn about trading and investment from veteran mentors who are incredibly experienced in the fields of trading and investment.

Analyst Q Review - Exclusive Service

Is it beneficial to seek the education service offered by AnalystQ?

Register with AnalystQ and then opt for the amazing educational courses to acquire a deeper understanding of trading and investment before venturing into the market. At the platform, the educational service is available in the form of educational courses, online trading courses, and personal trading courses.

  1. Gain thorough and rich expertise about trading by joining the educational course offered by AnalystQ. Both beginners and advanced traders or brokers can benefit a lot by learning about trading in commodities and cryptocurrencies, indices, market trends, and stocks from the syllabus of the educational course.
  2. Take part in the online trading course to practice online trading and explore its aspects before venturing into the online market of crypto assets and commodities. The online trading course is offered in the form of virtual learning sessions and insightful webinars hosted by the foremost traders of the industry.
  3. The personal trading course is for those who seek to establish as professionals in trading and investment. The registered broker or trader achieves the different levels and milestones of trading during the tenure of the personalized training period.

Analyst Q Review - Education

Which operating systems are compatible with the platform of AnalystQ?

With AnalystQ, the registered trader or broker can conduct trading and investment on the go, as the platform is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. AnalystQ is accessible through different devices as well, in the form of Android Trading app, iPhone Trading app, MetaTrader5, Tablet Trading app, and Web Trader platform.

Is there any way to boost the trading capital money of the registered trader or broker?

Trading and investment will be a far cry if the trader or broker does not have sufficient money. However, with the help of the money loans offered by Analyst Q, the trader can establish his profession as a trader and investor through crypto funding basics and margin and leveraged money loans.

  1. The leveraged crypto funding offered by the platform under the Crypto Funding basics scheme is ideal for trading in cryptocurrencies in the ever-volatile crypto market.
  2. AnalystQ also offers margin and leveraged loans for investment and trading in the different markets with extra money. The margin loan of money is not high risk and very lucrative. It has no annual closing money, non-use money, and set-up cost at AnalystQ. The leveraged loan is excellent for those whose credit score is not eligible for bank loans. This loan helps to manage debts, purchase new stock, and stabilize the trading balance sheet.

AnalystQ Review - Join now!

How good is the customer support service?

The customer support service team is highly responsive and available 24×7 via email, WhatsApp, phone, and Telegram. The review finds it impressive that the customer support representatives are always available with prompt responses and quick solutions.


AnalystQ has become a leading platform for trading and investment in the industry since February 2020. Novice traders who are registered with AnalystQ find it incredibly easy and efficient to execute strategic trading and make a good fortune. The best part about AnalystQ is the offer of loans as most people who seek to establish a profession in trading, often fail to do so because of a lack of capital. Overall, AnalystQ is worth the time and investment for all.

A few important FAQs

1. Is AnalystQ legit?

The platform is perfectly legit, and the brokers associated with the platform are reliable as well. The platform maintains strict transparency and is highly secure as well, in terms of data confidentiality and money transactions. However, AnalystQ does not hold a license, nor is it regulated by the authority of Dominica. As such, the traders need to be alert while trading on AnalystQ. Nonetheless, the review reveals that the brokers maintain the utmost honesty in their transactions, and so, a trader or broker need not feel insecure while trading and investing across the platform. 

2. How to get in touch with the customer service representatives for general queries?

The customer support service is accessible via email address for the resolution of general issues. The email address is The review finds it impressive that the registered users can reach out to the customer service agents for quick assistance over WhatsApp and Telegram. 

3. Is there any inactivity fee at AnalystQ?

The platform charges an inactivity fee of $36.

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