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Best Trading Strategies That Really Work for Forex Trading?

Best Trading Strategies

The Foreign Exchange market is full of hundreds and thousands of trading strategies. But which are the best trading strategies that work for Fx trading? It is a question that comes to every trader’s mind. Whether you are a new trader or have been trading in the Forex market for years, there are a few trading strategies that you must keep in your mind always. Let us have a look at them: 

What Is Position Trading, and Is It Beneficial for the Long Term? 

Position trading refers to a trading strategy in which traders take benefit of multi-month or multi-week or moves. In other words, with position trading, traders can keep an open trade for the long-term. With the position trading strategy, trading buys an asset for a long time, believing it will appreciate. This trading strategy is not concerned with short-time fluctuations in price. A position trader spots a trend, makes a purchase depending on that specific trend, and then waits for the investment to peak to sell. To become a successful and profitable position trader, you will have to use a blend of technical analysis and fundamental analysis to access the prospective market risks and trends before you invest or open a trade. 

Swing Trading Strategy 

Swing trading is the trading style that tries to get hold of short-term to medium-term gain in a financial instrument over a few days to weeks. In swing trading, traders hold a position either short or long for over a trading session. It is generally not longer than many weeks or months. The aim of swing trading usually is to get a chunk of potential price moves. Swing trading is a process of recognizing where the price of an asset is probable to go next, entering into a position, and getting a chunk of profits if the move materializes. 

Day Trading Strategy 

Day trading includes making short-term financial trades that do not last more than a day to make profits. The active day traders make many trades daily, while others enter/exit just one trade every day. For some, day trading is a full-time opportunity, while it is just a hobby for others. Day trading is not a quick get rich scheme nor something that takes many years to become consistent. There are many day trading styles. A few traders are active and catch even the smallest price movements with the largest position size. They are known as scalpers. They generally make lots of trades every day. Other traders capture larger price movements, allowing their gains to continue while having the risks of price reversals. Most of the day, traders use a price chart to determine when they should execute a trade. Many trust the Level II data for trading that offers insights into different trading interest levels. Some day traders also focus on particular statistic tendencies or news events. 

What Is a Scalping Strategy? 

Scalping is an excellent trading strategy created to profit from smaller price changes, with profit on such trades taken promptly off reselling. Scalping is the term used for a trading strategy to prioritize earning a high volume of smaller profits. Scalping needs traders to have strict exit strategies because one huge loss can eliminate many smaller gains that the traders worked to get. Therefore, having the correct tools like direct access brokers, live feed, and stamina to put many trades is needed for this trading strategy to be profitable. Scalping counts on low exposure risks as the real-time on every trade is pretty small. It lessens the risks of adverse events leading to big moves.

What Is a Transition Trading Strategy?

Transition trading is an advanced type of trading strategy. For investors and traders who have been performing trading for some time, this style is perfect. Transition trading works in a way that gets you to bias on higher timeframes. However, you time your each entry on lower timeframes. If a market condition or trade makes sense and trade goes in favor, then your trades can be managed on higher timeframes. The transition trading strategy offers very high rewards and low risks as you look to enter at low points. 


Your profits, ultimately, will depend on the trading strategies that you employ. It is worth remembering that it is generally a simple strategy that makes you successful. Also, keep in mind that technical analysis plays a vital role in validating the trading strategy. Although you choose an early entry or last-moment trading strategy, you must control your risks. Lastly, creating a trading strategy that works well takes practice. Therefore, be patient. However, if you are finding an awesome trading platform, check out Review of Zerodha so that you can opt for it and apply these strategies to earn a huge profit further.

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