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Microsoft’s Workplace Communication Platform Teams Hits 13 Million Daily Users

Over the past half a decade or so, workplace communication platforms have become hugely important, and it is almost rare to find a well-staffed office which does not use some version of such a product. It was Slack which introduced such a product and eventually became the dominant player in that space. However, for a company like Microsoft, which had been pioneers in creating workplace related software application; it was strange that the tech giant had not moved into space earlier. That being said, the company eventually made an entry into that space with its product known as Microsoft Teams and yesterday the company announced a range of positive updates with regards to its user data.

Microsoft stated that a number of daily active users on its unified workplace communication had soared 13 million, while the number of weekly active users now stands at 19 million. Those are significant numbers and shows that the Teams platform has grown significantly over recent months. Considering the fact that Slack is all set to have its IPO this year, Microsoft has its task cut out to make a place for Teams in the market. Some of the credit for the excellent numbers is also due to a concerted effort by Microsoft to make the platform more suited to industries like healthcare.

The Corporate Vice President of the One Commercial Partner group at Microsoft, Gavriella Schuster, said, “Customers and partners alike continue to move to the cloud and accelerate their digital transformation, leading us to new and different levels of partnership. Our portfolio of programs, offers, and resources for companies partnering with Microsoft is transforming to help them capitalize on this opportunity.” Over the past few years, Microsoft has grown into one of the most innovative tech companies in the business and has branched out into a range of businesses, which includes its cloud service Azure. Azure is currently the main competitors to Amazon’s Amazon Web Services. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft can leverage its huge market domination to make Teams a far more popular product in the months to come.

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