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NEO Price Analysis: NEO revolves around $17 mark today, next major resistance can be at $18.31


NEO has kind of maintained a slight uptrend over the past several days. The price of the coin was more or less stable. From 6-July-19 till 7-July-19, the movement of the coin was bearish, and prices fell to the level of $16.53. NEO managed to break the bearish run, and prices slowly began to rise again. On 9-July-19, the price of the coin rose to the level of $18.03. Having said that, it was not able to maintain the same performance at this level. However, the price of the coin may not fall drastically now, and the NEO coin may continue with an uptrend.

Let us have a look at the NEO to USD price comparison:          

Current Statistics of NEO:

  • As per 6:54 UTC time today, Market Cap of the coin was 1,228,352,762 USD.
  • Price of the coin is 17.28 USD as per 07:15 UTC.
  • 24-hour volume is 465,854,793 USD.
  • 70,538,831coins are at present in circulation which is constant since yesterday.
  • ROI is greater than 9000%.

NEO Price Prediction:

If we analyze the price of NEO since 7-July-19 at 16:00 UTC wherein the price was $16.53, and today, the coin reflects a bullish trend by 4%. The coin may be traded today in the range of $17.05 and $17.47.

NEO will continue to rise, and prices may reach $17.32 by the end of the day tomorrow. By the year-end, NEO may trade around $25 to $30.


As per the current trend of NEO, it is suggested to invest your savings in purchasing new EOS coins and retain the same for the long run. This will prove to become a very good asset. NEO has the capacity to grow leaps and bounds. If it continues with the same trend, the next major resistance levels for the coin can be seen at $18.31 and $18.65 respectively.

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